Commitment without Compromise

Established in 2007 with aim to help in the assets development and assets management processes of ventures in Oil and Gas sector through a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals having years of diversified experience and comprehensive knowledge in respective business management areas. In order to achieve its strategic objectives, Marvexahn must be able to help in strategic decision making process and to select diligently investment options only on the desired classes of quality assets with focus on minimizing the operating and non-operating costs while maximizing the overall ROI. Marvexahn is capable in resolving issues pertaining to business, financial management and risk management and its success is driven by actual performance and results.

Our Skills

Asset Development and Asset management strategies are important for building and managing the core business operational infrastructure and other assets to deliver sustainable growth and decent return on investment. Asset development program is mainly driven by selecting technically feasible and economically viable strategic plan with clear visibility of costs and benefits which transforms from basic design stage and ultimately evolves into the start-up phase of commercial operations on a platform of well integrated operational assets infrastructure. Typically, an asset management strategic plan covers all enterprise assets with aim to optimize the overall performance in terms of consistent operations, technological enhancement, economic life cost minimization which includes operation, maintenance, replacement, and disposal of each asset. Marvexahn has capable resources to execute and control the asset development and asset management programs with focus on people, systems, controls and capital resources with ability to influence all stakeholders.

Team of Marvexahn

We pursue success through commitment; finessing our professional capabilities and shaping a solid path of experience over last decade backed by a team of senior management professionals with joint international experience of over 150 years in start-up, growth and economic slowdown situations in various industrial sectors (including Oil & Energy) with expertise in areas of investment management, strategy development, financial management, project finance, information technology, data analytics, commercial affairs, business development, ESG compliance, asset management/optimization, cost & profitability improvements and others.

Marvexahn is mainly represented by Lead/Principal Consultants and Advisors inside and outside Canada and has successfully completed various assignments in Oil, Energy and other sectors in last five years.