Renewable energy

Renewable Energy growth is on course of acceleration over next decade with capacity to generate electricity from solar PV, wind turbines, biofuels, geothermal and other renewable technologies along with longer term objective to reach out net-zero goals by 2050.

In line with its growth strategy, Marvexahn strongly believe that renewable energy is key to our future which is driven by the growing shift towards net zero/decarbonization targets, sustainability (ESG compliance) awareness and massive transformation of the energy market at all levels.

Marvexahn will remain committed on this strategic goal and is steadfast for the development of viable ventures in renewable energy with aim to improve and protect the future generations.

Marvexahn is keen to invest in the renewable energy infrastructure development and advance energy technologies driven by transparency, productivity, innovation and sustainable returns.

Marvexahn has already initiated a study of hybrid renewable energy infrastructure development based on Technical, Financial and Legal framework.